- Cycle-Scoot

Cycle-Scoot is an American line of scooters created by aircraft engineer & entrepreneur Woodrow Wilson Skirvin in 1953. The scooter was largely popular during the 1950s due to its Indianapolis "500" campaign & wide distribution across the country. History During World War II, Woodrow Wilson Skirvin headed to Detroit, Michigan to land a job at a war plant. He found his opportunity at a tool & die company. In 1944, He moved back to Indianapolis and started engineering aircraft parts in his garage. Due to demand, He quickly outgrew several shops. With Allisons and General Motors being his prime customers, two different engines using Skirvin parts powered airplanes successively setting new world air speed records. The first was the United States Air Force Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star, which achieved 623.8 MPH on June 9, 1947. The second was a Navy D-558 Douglas Skystreak, which achieved 650.6 MPH on Aug 25th, 1947. In 1951 with a government loan of $100,000 W.W. Skirvin [read more...]

- Ace Motor Corporation

Ace Motor Corporation was a motorcycle manufacturer in operation continuously in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania between 1919 and 1924 and intermittently afterward until 1927. Essentially only one model of the large luxury four-cylinder motorcycle, with slight variations, was made from first to last. Origin Having sold Henderson Motorcycle to Ignaz Schwinn's Excelsior Motor Manufacturing & Supply Co., founder William G. Henderson continued to work there until 1919, when differences of opinion regarding the design direction of Henderson motorcycles led to his resignation from Excelsior. In the fall of 1919, with the support of Max M. Sladkin of Haverford Cycle Co., Henderson started the Ace Motor Corporation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Ace motorcycle resembled the Henderson in general form, being a longitudinal four-cylinder motorcycle with chain drive, but Henderson had to be careful not to infringe any trademarks or patents that would have been owned by Excelsior at the [read more...]

- Harley-Davidson WLA

The WLA is a model of Harley-Davidson motorcycle that was produced to US Army specifications in the years during and around World War II. It was based on an existing civilian model, the WL, and is of the 45 solo type, so called due to its 45 cubic inches (740 cc) engine and single-rider design. The same engine, in a slightly lower state of tune, also powered the three-wheeled Servi-Car (the "G" family), leading to the "solo" distinction. Model designation The model number breaks down as follows: W : the W family of motorcycles. Harley Davidson (except in very early models) gives a letter designation for each model family. The W series at the time was the newest incarnation of the 45 cubic inches (740 cc) flathead motor, and was developed from the earlier R family 1932–1936. L : "high compression", in the usual HD scheme. The "low compression" W model was only briefly available. A : Army. The company would also produce a model to the slightly different specifications of [read more...]

- Penton

Penton was a brand of off-road use motorcycle introduced in 1968 by John Penton, a noted enduro rider on the dirt bike competition circuit. Penton approached the KTM company, who at the time built bicycles and mopeds, to build a light-weight off-road motorcycle. The first Penton motorcycles were modified small bore motorcycles with a Sachs engine with improved suspension and details. The early motorcycles made their mark in International Six Days Trials (now called the International Six Days Enduro) competitions with riders such as future Motorcycle Hall of Fame members Billy Uhl and Carl Cranke. The most popular size was the 125cc (Six Day), but they were also made in 100cc (also Berkshire) and later, in 175cc (Jackpiner, in 1972), 250cc (Hare Scrambler, in 1973), and 400cc (Mint, in 1974). Later models utilized KTM engines, gas forks, lay down shocks, fiberglass gas tanks, plastic fenders and frames of high grade chrome-moly steel. Other, less-common models included the Mudlark [read more...]

- Ridley Motorcycle Company

Ridley Motorcycle Company is a privately held motorcycle manufacturing company based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA. Ridley introduced the first cruiser with a continuously variable transmission, the Ridley Speedster, in 1999, and has positioned itself as "America's Automatic Motorcycle." Models Speedster - Ridley's first production vehicle, the Speedster was a 3/4 scale 600cc "miniature cruiser" fitted with a CVT transmission and V-twin engine. Auto-Glide Classic (formerly "Auto-Glide") Auto-Glide Chopper Auto-Glide Old School Auto-Glide Sport Auto-Glide Trike Auto-Glide TT X88 - Sold with a traditional manual transmission. History The father son team of Clay Ridley (father) and Jay Ridley (son) began experimenting with automatic transmissions in motorcycles in 1995, when building them for his sons as a hobby. Although the vast majority of cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. use automatic transmissions, no two-wheeled vehicles larger than a scooter did, and so to capitalize [read more...]

- Cyclone (motorcycle)

Cyclone was a brand name of motorcycle were manufactured by Joerns Motor Manufacturing Company located in St. Paul, Minnesota from 1912 through 1917. History The Cyclone was a short-lived brand but made its mark by doing very well on the board track racing circuits of 1910 through the 1930s. Cyclones also did well on the dirt track racing circuit of the day winning many races. In 1914, an Excelsior lost its one-mile speed record title to a Cyclone. Engine Designed by engineer Andrew Strand, a powerful 61 cubic inch (996cc) 45 degree V-Twin SOHC, 45 horsepower engine was the powerplant chosen for the Cyclone. The overhead cams were driven by a vertical shaft with beveled-gear ends, and the cylinder-head had a hemispherical head combustion chamber. The Cyclone was capable of a 85 mph top speed. Joerns Motor Co. sold the original Cyclone for $350.00. These motorcycles were often painted in Joerns' signature canary-yellow color, however they were also available in dark blue. The [read more...]

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